20 Pictures Of People’s Strangest DIY Costumes That Will Be Keeping Me Up At Night

1- Homemade milk jug masks

2- Caterpillar tail coat

3- A popcorn suit

4- A giant eye ball with a giant hand

5- Jabba the Hut

6- Stuffed animal ski mask

7- Ultimate protective suit

8- A human turtle

9- A pantyhose doll

10- Batman mask made from old shoes

11- A toothbrush tiara

12- A bloody-barbie handbag

13- Shoes made of EVA foam

14- A lady Zoidberg costume

15- A papier-mâché Mickey Mouse

16- Dress made of Barbie doll parts

17- A full outfit made of plushies

18- All-denim lifesize Furby

19- Tinfoil Cyberman

20- And finally, a bread guitar

source: buzzfeed

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