16 Mind-Blowing Google Maps Photos That’ll Make You Feel Like You’re Being Stalked

1- This military plane crash spotted in Missouri

2– And this stealth bomber caught mid-flight 

3- This view of Dwight’s car from The Office

Here it is on the show

4- This person’s beloved father doing some gardening

5- This dude giving the ole double middle finger

6- And this cat that wishes it could

7- These bushes Google Maps censored because the AI thought they were faces

8- This DeLorean spotted in the woods

9- This phallic-looking neighborhood whose streets are called “Dilido”

10- This sunken ship on the North Sentinel Island

11- This neighborhood that looks like it was sloppily shoved into the middle of other neighborhoods

12- This sweet pup who followed around a Google Maps walking photographer

13- This Google Maps car being filmed by another Google Maps car

14- This baseball field in Area 51

15- This before and after of an abandoned house

16- And finally, this Planters NUTMOBILE

Source: buzzfeed

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